TGC Technical Information

Tech Notes Tech Information Info from Memo
Antennas and Tower FT-MD/AE JG1XLV    
80/75m Rotaly Dipole JG1XLV   
JP1IOF's Antenna Farm JP1IOF   
2el HB9CV using fishing Rod JG1XLV  
Super Mobile Station by JF1IST JF1IST  
All Band ANT using Fishing-rods JA3MHV  
18MHz 4el YAGI using Fishing-rods JG1XLV  
NewType Super Mobile by JF1IST JF1IST
75/80m,40m 3el YAGI JO1DZA
7MHz 4el Fullsize YAGI JA0CRG
New Super Mobile Station by JF1IST JF1IST
7Mhz 5ele Fullsize Yagi ANT New Photo JO1DZA
Double Bazooka ANT JN1DNG
7MHz 4ele Fullsize Yagi ANT(W1JR) JA2QXY
7MHz 6ele Fullsize Yagi ANT JO1DZA
Linear AMP ACOM2000A 7K1WLE   
4CX800AX2 Homemade AMP by VR2LW JN1DNG    
ALL About HF Linear AMP JE1HPM
RIG Collins Page!  JG1XLV
Comparison Report on SSB Filters JR1DIK
PC and Others Digital Recording Technique JG1XLV    
Thermometer JG1XLV   
HomeMade Station Controller JG1XLV   
FET DIP Meter & Impedance Bridge JG1XLV  
Amano Aluminum DATA JA0CRG
Audio Equalizer and Noise Gate JG1XLV
TRX Relay Controller JN1DNG