W2IHY,Julius D Jones.

First licensed at the age of 13 as KN1TCG.
In 1960,upgraded to General and became K1TCG.
Joined IBM in 1968 after getting a college degree
in electrical engineering.
Got W2IHY callsign in 1972.Now,he holds Extra class.
He worked as a engineer and manager for IBM
more than 30 years before retiring in 3/2000.

His main interest in Amateur radio is rag chewing on SSB.
Also he enjoys doing circuit design.

He will be easliy found around 14.185MHz and on
3.805 in the evening

See you on the bands!.

W2IHY and his shack.

His antenna is 80 meter full wave
horizontal loop at 60 feet and a
reflector .1 wave lengths below
the main loop.
It works 40 meters thru 10 meters
And Mosely PRO 67C3, 6 band
7 element trapped beam.
His radios are ICOM 756PRO
and Yaesu FT1000D.
His FT-1000D has been modified.
(It has 2.7 KHzSSB filters to replace the
2.4 KHz filters.carrier OSC has been shifted)

Linear amplifier is Ten-Tec Titan 2.
He uses 8 band W2IHY EQ and a
Marshall V77 (vacuum tube mic).

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