OH1VR Seppo

OH1VR Seppo's photo and his ANT

OH1VR Seppo's QSL.
Seppo Sisatto,PhD
Seppo's country side House in Finland.
Beautiful shot of his house,antennas
and the lake.

Seppo's antennas;
from the top of tower
50Mhz 9el YAGI 45mH
14MHz 5el YAGI 5 over 5 (15m boom )
28MHz 6el YAGI 6 over 6 (12m boom)
7MHZ 4el YAGI fullsize (16m boom)
21MHz 5el YAGI 5 over 5 (8m Boom)
Seppo in Tokyo,FEB 12,2001
Seppo operate OJ0VR in Market Reef.
He is Mr.Market Reef.
QSL for OJ0VR,Market Reef.