DJ2AA,operated by JJ3PRT

JJ3PRT,Mr.Aoki operated DJ2AA for All AsiaCW Contest at DJ6QT's shack.
The siganals from DJ2AA were very stronghere in JA on 21MHz.
You will be able to know these reasons fromfollowing photos.

Many thanks to JJ3PRT for your QRV and photos.

#1 Tower(20mH);

4EL QUAD for 14,18,21,24,28MHz
#2 Tower(40mH)

2EL QUAD for 14,21,28MHz
Sloper ANT for 3.5/3.8MHZ
Dipole for 7MHz
antoher view for #1 Tower
another view for #2 Tower

and DJ6QT has #3 Tower(25mH)
for 1.8MHz Dipole
JJ3PRT:Mr.Aoki operated DJ2AA
at DJ6QT's shack.
Location for DJ6QT is wonderful,310m up from
the sea-level,in the mountain!

DJ6QT's shack is designed for Multi-multi Contest.
Rig:FT1000MP with Comander(Linear AMP)

Following TGC members worked DJ2AA
on 21MHz SSB.


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